The unexpected marriage proposal that was picture perfect.

In what has to be one of the most creative proposals we’ve seen, a boyfriend (now fiancé) proposed to his girlfriend while they were both decked out in full body paint during a graphic photoshoot.

Romantic Daniel Levine took his girlfriend, Cristina Cordova, to a two-day photo shoot with Alexa Meade, an illusionist artist renowned for her 2-D effect body-painting art. The couple was brushed head to toe in black and white skeletal design using non-toxic acrylic paint, and Meade was in on the plan the entire time.

At first not realising her boyfriend was down on bended knee, Cordova carried on with the shoot until noticing an outstretched diamond ring.

Cordova laughed, exclaiming, “I don’t want to touch it, though!” before accepting his ring and proposal. Levine and Cordova, who have been together for more than six years, are now engaged. Congratulations!

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