The women's bodies you won't see on a billboard.

These pictures of women in their knickers are going completely viral.

And they say no-one wants to see “real” women’s bodies….

These photos have only been public for a few hours and have had over 30,000 likes on Facebook already.

The Expose Project is determined to show the world the 95% of women’s bodies that you don’t see every day in ads.

Blogger Jes Baker joined forces with photographer Liora K to show off women’s bodies in their real beauty. Unfiltered. Un-Photoshopped.

Now her work’s been promoted on The Huffington Post, and the world’s falling in love with it.

Liora explained how she focused on the beauty and uniqueness of each of the 96 women recruited through Facebook during the photoshoot.

“What I really wanted the women to get out of our time (how ever brief) together was that they were IMPORTANT. That their bodies deserved to be seen, that what they perceive as faults are simply THEM, and are neither right nor wrong. That showing their bodies won’t innately cause them harm.

“That their breasts won’t cause damage to those around them, or their bellies or thighs either. That their nudity, while making them vulnerable, does not make them at fault. And that lastly, their bodies are their vehicles through life, and to treat them with kindness. I hope that came across.”

No wonder these beautiful pictures are flying around the internet.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see a few of the pics – and for more, make sure you head to Expose Project. Some of these pics might be considered NSFW…

We originally found this story on the Huffington Post and got the photos from Expose Project.

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