WATCH: A reminder that YOU are beautiful.


On the weekend, a friend of mine decided to hit me with a barrage of insults.

She said (amongst other things):

‘You have bad teeth. Your ears are too small. Your lips are too thin.  And you look pregnant in that top.”

I stepped on her foot in retaliation. At least I would have, if it had actually happened.

My friend didn’t say any of that stuff to me. I didn’t need her to.  I was saying it to myself this morning as part of my internal monologue (along with: your arse is too big and why the hell do you have a pimple on your face when you’re 40?)

I know I’m not alone in being guilty of  hate-speak towards my own reflection.  Let’s face it, most of us are in an abusive relationship with ourselves.

Which is why I love this 3 minute video HARD.  It’s a reminder that we are each uncommonly beautiful.  Take a look:

If you can’t watch the video, it lists the 10 ways to make sure everyone knows you’re beautiful (and what real beauty is).

1.  Remember there are differences but there are no flaws.

2. There’s only one fashion rule: if it makes you feel awesome, wear it.

3. Be willing to be vulnerable so you can also fully experience joy.

4. Control your own perspective. Perspective is everything.

5. Another word for sexy? Confident.

6. Breathe. Deeply and every day.

7. Express yourself often, kindly and without apology.

8. The adventure is in the attempt. Embrace possibility.

9.To remain youthful, never stop looking for the wonderful.

10. Create your own story. Never let others create it for you.

So who’s behind it? American photographer, writer and speaker Karen Worland.

Of the video, Karen says, ‘As part of my life list, I set myself the goal of taking 1000 portraits, without any agenda other than seeing if I could do it. What resulted is an ongoing body of evidence showing that everyone — every single one of us — is uncommonly beautiful.’

When was the last time you felt beautiful?  How do you (or would you) teach your daughter to truly believe she is gorgeous?

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