Her daughter asked her a question, and it had this mum completely stumped.

“It was the right answer, but I almost didn’t give it to my daughter.”

I was brushing my teeth in my bathroom as Gia Luna, my 5-year-old daughter, watched me from the edge of the tub.

“Mummy, when I grow up will I be as beautiful as you are?” she asked me inquisitively.

I choked on my toothpaste.

I saw her sweet little reflection in the mirror, her face earnest as she waited for a response she hoped would be affirmative. In all sincerity, she was hoping to be assured that she could look like… me.

My brows furrowed, my mind raced. Are you kidding me? I thought.

"I saw her sweet little reflection in the mirror, her face earnest as she waited for a response..."

Are you really setting the bar that low? You are gorgeous, you are radiant, you are young and unstoppable!

Why would you want to look like me, when you actually look like you?

Good God girl! You have flawless skin, puffy lips, big blue eyes and your father's metabolism.

Haven't you noticed my nose is too big? My hair is a fire hazard? My... and then I stopped.

Is that really who I want to be?

Fighting with passion so others will realise how unattractive I am? My daughter tells me I am beautiful and I am disagreeing with her?

"Mummy, when I grow up will I be as beautiful as you are?"

I have this moment to show her how to handle a compliment with grace, to be comfortable in loving yourself, to show her strength is a part of beauty.

I was not going to muck it up.

"Yes." I said, biting my tongue so I didn't say "You will be even more beautiful! Way prettier than I have ever dreamed of being!"

Gia Luna didn't need to hear that. She just needed to know she could be like her hero, and that hero is me.

And that is really beautiful.

Has your child ever asked you a question that had you stumped? How did you answer it?

This post originally appeared on Girl On Saturday and has been republished here with full permission.

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