Soon-to-be mums on how they feel about their pregnant bodies.

Does this pregnancy make me look fat?

Mamamia spoke with 10 pregnant women about how they feel about their pregnant bodies, and what they’re expecting them to look like after they’ve given birth, for our Pregnancy Project.

Sarah’s story is one of those.

Sarah is 37 weeks pregnant with her second child and says, “If someone spoke to me the way I speak to me, I would punch them in the face.”

She says she doesn’t know a single woman who loves her body.

“I never reached that self-confidence, ‘I love myself’ stage,” she says.

“Quite frankly I’d be nervous if I met someone who was totally in love with themselves to that degree.”

Watch Sarah speaking about her body, below.

She didn’t love her body before pregnancy, but now that she’s having her second child, Sarah appreciates it more.

“It’s making a person,” she says.

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How would you describe your pregnant body in three words?