A group of friends discovered a body at their Airbnb rental.

This is how every horror movie ever made starts.

A group of friends hired an Airbnb house in Paris for a weekend away, but their trip took a sinister turn when they unexpectedly came across a woman’s decomposing body in the garden.

The friends were staying just 17 kilometres from the French capital, in the suburban town of  Palaiseau, when they made the grim discovery, uncovering the woman’s decaying corpse where the yard met the surrounding woodlands.

According to a police source quoted by The Guardian, the woman’s remains were found “hunched in a dug-out area, her head against the ground, covered in branches and surrounded by wood stumps”.

Time has reported that although the body was badly decomposed, the group of friends renting the home were questioned by police.

While the woman was found clothed, she was not found with any identifying material and an autopsy has failed to shed any light on the cause of death.

According to BuzzFeed, prosecutors have told the local media “a criminal act has taken place”.

Video via wochit News

The family who own the seven-bedroom home are expected to return from their own holiday on Wednesday, when it is expected they will be questioned by police about the discovery while it is believed the palatial property has been removed from the popular accommodation service’s website.