Beauty guru Bobbi Brown shares the secret to great skin (that doesn’t involve products).

As far as the beauty pyramid goes, Bobbi Brown is sitting right up there at the top.

The woman essentially created nude lipstick back in the ‘90s (yes, the very same lipstick shade that’s been ‘in’ for, well, forever), and started a beauty empire from her living room.

So when Bobbi has some beauty advice to share, my ears prick up. And when that beauty advice doesn’t involve the actual handing over of hard-earned notes for products, I suddenly have supersonic hearing powers.

Speaking with The Telegraph, the 59 year old shared her no-bullshit secret to truly good skin.

“I really believe that if you eat the right foods it can work as well as a great moisturiser for your skin,” she explained.

Amen, sister. Finally, a woman whose name is synonymous with high quality, innovative makeup and skincare owning the fact that the simple act of eating right will make your skin glow as much as any fancy product will.

Buying some avocado, nuts and berries is now looking a lot more attractive than forking out $300 for that face cream, huh? (Post continues after gallery.)


This wasn’t the only straight-talking advice Ms Brown, whose company recently hit $1 billion worth of sales, had for women who aren’t naturals when it comes to makeup.

If you’re someone who’s never felt comfortable in red lipstick, but have always felt for some reason you should because you possess a vagina, you’re about to feel vindicated.

At our #BeWhoYouAre shoot, it was all about simple, effortless looks that brought out each woman’s natural beauty.

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“I always say you’re either a red lipstick person or you’re not. Makeup should make you feel confidence. For some women concealer works, for others it’s a red lipstick. I feel my best with concealer and eyeliner. I don’t think women should wear red lipstick if it doesn’t suit them to try and feel confident.”

That’s me, Bobbi! I’m THAT person! *Immediately throws out all crimson lipsticks*

Watch: The hilarious faces we all pull when putting on mascara. (Post continues after video.)

While she might be spruiking a good diet as the key to great skin, there’s one Bobbi Brown product I can wholeheartedly recommend (trust me, I could go on but I have other stories to write and meetings, life, etc) that can cheat it pretty damn well.

It’s the Retouching Wand, $62, that Bobbi refers to as a “Cinderella Wand”. She’s not far off, I swear this clever thing has magical powers.

Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand

Image: Bobbi Brown. Behold, the magical retouching wand of gods.

It’s a liquid concealer that’s applied with a sponge and damn it’s good. I’ve been using it over foundation to cover spots, dark under-eye circles and acne scars.

Vogue❤️BB @voguerussia #bobbilovesrussia

A photo posted by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (@bobbibrown) on Jun 29, 2016 at 2:17am PDT

It’s also perfect on its own to add a little brightness to dull areas, and offers good coverage without a hint of cakeyness. 

Be right back, just going to fetch some avocados.

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