The biggest State of Origin blues supporter actually lives in Queensland.


There may be one more sleep until the State of Origin kicks off but one fan is already ready and rearing.

New South Wales supporter and incredibly brave bloke Daryl has painted his Brisbane home blue in preparation for the first match.

The State of Origin, to those who do not know, is an annual ‘best of three’ Australian rugby league match series that takes place between the New South Wales (Blues) and Queensland (Maroons) teams.

It is common for supporters to deck themselves out in team colours but rarely does the paint go further than one’s chin.

Images of Daryl and his blue home were posted by betting company Sportsbet on Facebook.

Blue in house, not in spirit. (Source: Sportsbet/Facebook)

Queensland fans flooded the comment section with snarky reactions to the bold move.

"Meet Daryl. He moved to QLD because Sydney house prices were too expensive. The catch is... he's now found a way to lower the value of his entire street," one fan wrote.

"He's got to be brave, especially in Brisbane. I hope he's brave enough to cope with the drubbing the Blues will get on Wednesday night," wrote another.

Another fan commented on how the move might spark an egg shortage in Daryl's local area.

"I think Daryl's local supermarket just ran out of eggs," they wrote.

The fate of Daryl and his festively painted home is yet to be seen. Let's hope he sprang for the kind of paint that can withstand an egg or two (thousand).

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