Beyonce shared a photo of her new haircut. But then fans noticed something in the corner.

It’s not enough to just get a new haircut anymore. These days, you have to announce it.

While most of us will settle for a Snapchat or a selfie, we are not Beyonce, who instead went for a casual photoshoot collage on her website.

The series of pictures see the Lemonade singer with a curly lob – that’s a ‘long bob’ to those playing at home – which is significantly shorter than she’s had her hair over the last few years.

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The chin-length curly hair is being dubbed by some as the ‘mom cut’.


But we digress. You see, the biggest news isn’t just that Beyonce has cut all her hair off. There’s something else in one of the photos that has stolen the spotlight.

Beyonce can be seen in a lift, standing next to a security guard looking suitably unimpressed. Drag your eyes from the singer’s Gucci bag and you might notice some little gold sneakers that are definitely not the guard’s.

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Eagle-eyed fans have put two and two together (children's gold sneakers + Beyonce) and realised that they can only belong to Blue Ivy, Beyonce's eldest daughter.

Yes, Beyonce possibly positioned her daughter out of shot so as not to ruin her 'new hair' picture.

God, children are pesky aren't they?

Users on Twitter found it hilarious and it even became a meme.


The lengths people will go to for that perfect snap...