How a simple science lesson led one woman to discover a huge family secret.

When a woman at a California university started questioning her professor’s lesson on genetics, it’s likely most of her peers thought she was just struggling to understand.

But according to a fascinating story on Twitter, she was actually trying to come to terms with the fact that her own blood type made no sense, if her mum and dad were truly her biological parents.

A thread by Anya Hettich tells of how a biology lecture taught a fellow student that her father wasn’t really her father. And she watched all the drama unfold.



It all started when students were asked to provide the blood types of their parents.

When asked by her professor, this girl told him her father’s blood type was O, her mother’s was A, and she was AB.


Her professor politely explained that this was impossible, and perhaps her parents had remembered incorrectly.

Her counterargument was to… blame science.

Nonetheless, she went home to press her parents for the truth, only for her and her father to uncover her mother’s previous infidelity.


Talk about escalating quickly.

Her biological father turned out to be her supposed father’s BROTHER aka her uncle aka not an O blood type.

On top of all this mayhem, she then decided to boldly announce this news to her lecture of 243 people the next day, because, could it get any worse?

Actually, apparently it can.

We wish our science lessons had gone down more like this.