Does The Block ruin marriages?

It’s being called The Curse of The Block. Yet another marriage has ended and this time it affects one of the show’s most popular contestant’s of all time.

Twins Lysandra and Alisa are one of the most successful and formidable teams to have ever competed on reality show The Block, but their success has come at a price. Identical twin Lysandra Fraser has split with her husband Ben Stevens. The pair have two children under three.

Lysandra and Ben

Fraser's entire life has changed in the past year-and-a-half since she decided to apply to be a contestant on the show. The 29-year-old former South Australian police officer has reportedly been breakdown in tears during filming of the current series, The Block: Fans v Faves due to the split.

New Idea is reporting that Lysandra and Ben have been experiencing problems for some time and she is the one who recently decided to walk away. The magazine claims Ben is struggling to cope.

During filming of The Block: Sky High last year Lysandra left her family behind in Adelaide to realise her dream to one day be an interior designer. Husband Ben stayed behind to look after their boys, Emerson, two and Cohen, one. At the time Lysandra hinted at trouble in the marriage, saying, “[Ben] does full-time shift work, with two kids under three — so he’s got no downtime. He is really struggling.”

Lysandra is reportedly in a new relationship with a Melbourne man.

Alisa is married with one son, Nate. Both sisters quit the police force when they won the series last year, winning $395,000 in prize money.

Chantelle and Steve on the left and Madi and Jarrod on the right

The Curse of The Block is also being blamed for trouble in the two-year-relationship of contestants Chantelle and Steve. There are reports the pair had a nasty argument just weeks into the filming of the current series and have decided to have a break. Negative feedback on social media and the pressures of filming and competing are said to be the main reasons behind their relationship struggles.

Former contestants Madi and Jarrod Coppock have also reportedly divorced, despite denying rumours of a split during filming last season. The high school sweethearts did their best to keep up appearances during the show however the strain got the better of them. Both are rumoured to be in new relationships.

How long would your relationship last on a show like The Block?