Blake Lively has a simple tip for feeling fabulous in maternity clothes.

When your belly is fast expanding to accommodate a baby, how you feel about your body and style can change on a daily basis.

Those go-to “feel-good” items like that always flattering black dress or striking pants are no longer an option. Your collection of teetering heels? An almost distant memory.

Pregnancy style queen Blake Lively has worked out a simple tip for feeling fabulous in maternity fashion, flat shoes and all.

Even better? There’s not a designer ballgown in sight.

“Milkshake: check. Comfortable shoes: check. Having a slit in your dress to make you feel better about the aforementioned: check,” she wrote on Instagram.

While comfortable shoes are certainly something never to be ashamed of (the flat shoe revolution is certainly upon us, pregnant or not) a cheeky slit in your skirt or dress is an easy way to lift your spirits.

Watch: Blake Lively on the Cannes red carpet. Post continues after gallery.


It’s the latest look from Lively’s fashion parade that proves that pregnancy style is far from boring, unflattering and tent shaped.

In fact, she’s winning, nay, outdoing her own maternity style – and making the rest of us kind of wish we had our own bump to dress in the process. (Post continues after gallery.)


Colourful to all black, form fitting to flowing and high-neck detail to stomach-baring, Lively and her stylist have us hooked.

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What’s your best maternity style tip?