Blake Lively has shared a "makeup free selfie" and it's confusing the internet.

Welcome to the latest edition of people making a big deal out of nothing on the internet.

To ring in the New Year, actress Blake Lively decided to post a makeup free selfie on Instagram.

It was from her Gossip Girl days and it’s the stuff noughties dreams were made of.

Just a little #makeupfree selfie to round out the year. #2007 #aunaturale ????

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Except… it… it wasn’t makeup free at all. If anything it was makeup, erm, abundant.

Obviously Lively, 30, was having a lil’ joke with her followers – something she and her husband Ryan Reynolds, 41, have a bit of a track record of doing.


But some people were not here for it, because the internet is no place for making light-hearted jokes poking fun at yourself.

Some were a little confused, with one person commenting: “That’s anything but makeup free. Maybe this is sarcasm and I’m just not getting it”.

“Yeah right… makeup free when I am the Queen of England,” added someone else.

While others were, well, goddamn offended by Lively’s post. Because if you can’t get offended by something as trivial as this, is it really 2018?

“I guess I just don’t get the joke,” one person commented. “I just think of teens seeing that hashtag and believing it because that’s what everyone looks like in magazines and on TV.”

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“Wow that’s it. I always liked you but it’s posts like this that mislead kids and teens into creating false body images that are just cr*p,” added someone else.

While others found the whole debacle goddamn hilarious, knowing full well Lively is never one to take herself too seriously.

“Ah yes, the day Blake Lively single-handedly destroyed female teen confidence everywhere via ironic Instagram post,” one person commented.

“I miss the days when people could take a joke or pick up on sarcasm,” added someone else.


Never change, random people on the internet, never change.

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