The experience that stopped Blake Lively from ever Googling herself again.

Like most people, actress Blake Lively has Googled herself. And, also like many of us, she didn’t like what she found.

“I have [Googled myself] before and it’s just ended in full depression,” the mum-of-two told Variety magazine.

“So I think it’s a good rule of thumb not to Google yourself because the internet is not nice.”

blake lively's childrens names
Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and daughters Ines and James. (Source: Getty.)

If anyone would know about how "not nice" of a place the internet truly can be, it's Lively - she's been working with Child Rescue Coalition to fight the distribution of child abuse material.

The 29-year-old spoke about the charity's efforts to find predators online in an interview with Variety for its 'Power of Women New York' issue.

"There are millions of files all over the world being traded every single day of child pornography," she said.

"It’s so disturbing. A lot of these people are fathers."

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She supports the Coalition in its promotion of new technology that flags the IP addresses of people who share and download sexually explicit images of children.

"If you proactively find these predators, you can save so many children."

Have you ever Googled yourself? Were you surprised by what you found?