Poetic justice: Blake Garvey ousted from Celebrity Apprentice as Sam Frost debuts.

Ah karma.

In a feat of sublime timing, last night, as his jilted one-time fiancee made her glorious debut on The Bachelorette, Blake Garvey was fired from The Celebrity Apprentice.

His departure was preceded by some very undignified bickering with Richard Reid, who described his managerial style as “passive-aggressive”.

Garvey demurred in his deeply deep voice, but it wasn’t enough. The finger was pointed and he was gone.

Bach faces Mr Bouris in the boardroom.

Meanwhile, Sam Frost was courted by 14 devoted men, sent two of them packing and has been designated the Bachie Queen.

Garvey became the second celebrity to be fired from the show, after Gabi Grecko was sent away last week for not doing anything/possibly being insane.

Garvey said that he did the show because he wanted Australia to see him as “more than just that guy who hands out roses”.

If it was a PR exercise after the disaster that was The Bachelor 2014, it failed miserably.

Australia’s beloved Bachie Queen.

Since he was fired, his arch nemesis Richard Reid has been telling anyone who’ll listen that he’s “manipulative, cunning and passive aggressive”.

“He has that deep Bachelor voice of his and I think he actually dines out on his voice and his persona, and he really does believe that he’s the Bachelor and that every woman wants him. I really truly believe that,” Reid told News Corp.

“I think it comes across as ‘well I could have slept with every single woman in the office but …’ and I’m like ‘really, well I don’t know about that’. Yet I think underneath all that bravado, he’s actually quite insecure.”

Claws are out.

OUCHIES. Way harsh, Richard Reid.

We can only hope Louise Pillidge allowed Garvey to return to her loving arms and didn’t ditch him for some other dude instead.