Meet the woman Bachelor Blake was dating before he had 30 simultaneous girlfriends.

We are just as surprised as you that there is STILL Bachie news to report.

But once again… there’s more.

This time it’s news of Blake’s ex-girlfriend, Hope.

31-year-old Blake and 22-year-old Hope dated for two months last year. You know, back in the days when Blake was just a regular ol’ bachelor and not THE Bachelor.

The pair were photographed at various events around their home city of Perth while they were dating. Hope apparently accompanied Blake to the launch night of his male stripping company ‘Alpha Male’ in August last year. Because SUPPORTIVE.

Hope runs a tanning salon ‘Glam Tan’ and competes in bikini body competitions and pageants. She was featured in Zoo magazine in 2011 at 19.

Hope: “My sexiest physical asset would by my stomach and lips because they look totally kissable”

It now seems that Blake is dating second runner-up Louise.

No doubt, one of them will say something vague again soon.

Ahhhh, Bachelor. 

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