The former Bachelor contestants have their say about Blake and Louise's breakup.

Navigating any breakup can be hard, especially if you’re in the public eye. But commissioning a magazine feature and shoot to make your announcement? Well, that’s one way of letting the world know.

Since the news of Louise Pillidge and former Bachelor Blake Garvey’s split was announced via New Idea yesterday, former contestants from the show have come forward to weigh in on the 18-month-long relationship.

“It doesn’t surprise me. Their start was not ideal, it was like a thorn in their side,” Laurina “dirty street pie” Fleure said to Fairfax. Adding, “they had a lot of demons.”

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Former Bachelor contestant, Laurina Fleure. Source: Channel 10.

Getting together after Garvey had proposed to contestant Sam Frost, the couple allegedly struggled to shake off their negative image, eventually growing apart and deciding to go their separate ways.

"Are we really surprised they split?" asked bachelorette Amber Galinas. "To be honest, I am shocked that they have been together that long.

"Like really Louise, you thought that he would stay with you after all he has done to Sam Frost, who is a catch and a half? There is a pattern here with Blake. 'Flaky Blake', 'Blake the Flake', I wonder who he will go after next," the model continued.


Former Bachelor contestant, Amber Gelinas. Source: Channel 10.

But, as per usual, Sam Frost has been a beacon of understated cool, simply tweeting, "all breakups are awful & sad. Let alone having to do it in the public eye. Go easy on them! I just hope Lou is okay and staying strong.. xx"

"Her revenge was when she found love with Sasha," says another former contestant, Kara Bramham.

"The Bachelorette airing would not have helped at all for their relationship. Sam would have been a sensitive topic. It would have brought a lot of bad memories back," she adds.

Former Bachelor contestant, Kara Bramham. Source: Channel 10.


"As much as I love Sam Frost, every break up is hard," Bramham continued. "I know people are saying 'karma', but Blake has been through a rough time."

When speaking about her former roommate on the show, Bamham said, "I know how emotionally invested she [Louise] was in the relationship. They have been through a lot together."

Louise and Blake discuss their relationship in happier times. Post continues after video... 

Video by Channel 10

"There was a lot of controversy," Bramham added finally. "It could be the case that they have some space and get back together again."

But Galinas isn't buying it. "Honestly, at what stage is Blake going to stop trying to get publicity? He is just crying on another magazine."

No more tears, Blake. Your journey has ended now. Source: Channel 10.

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