Don't cry for Louise Pillidge, she's no victim.

Remember this day.

It’s a day you’ll want to tell your grandchildren about, a moment that shall go down in history as the day Louise Pillidge and Blake Garvey (Great Lovers Of Our Time) took part in a break-up photoshoot to formally announce the death of their relationship.

However, the practicality of break-up photoshoots has not been the subject on everybody’s lips since the news broke. Which, to be honest, says a lot about how we are failing as a society.

Instead, it’s all been about Louise.

Poor, stupid, victim Louise who was tricked by Bad Guy Blake into moving to Perth and shaking up in a ‘trendy’ two bedroom apartment and tending to his every disgraced reality TV star needs.

It’s true that Louise and Blake’s relationship was born out of tragic beginnings as, much like Romeo and Juliet, their love started out as a forbidden affair.

The Bachelor star Blake proposed to Sam Frost during the show’s finale, only to change his mind and profess his undying devotion for second-runner up Louise instead, once filming had wrapped.

But since the couple announced their split via the New Idea photoshoot, the general feeling is that Louise is the patsy who has been taken for a ride on free-to-air television and then tragically dumped. Instead of a complicit accomplice in the kind of love affair that magazine editors have dirty dreams about.

 These feelings seem to stem from this magazine quote, where she talks about how Blake sat her down and said it just wasn’t working
“I knew deep down that he was right, but I would never been strong enough to say it,” she said.
There’s an unspoken belief that the person who is broken up with is automatically a tragic victim. It happened to Sam, and now it’s happening to Louise.

But really, is it so hard to believe that an adult woman, who took part in a seemingly mutual break-up with a fellow adult man,who she also chose to live with, is really someone to be viewed as a victim?

I mean, this is a world now inhabited by break-up photoshoots, so anything is possible. But, dare to dream with me here people and try to imagine another reality. A reality where a woman who endures a break-up is not automatically a figure who deserves our pity.

Louise wasn’t “tricked” by “love rat” Blake. She wasn’t tied to a black horse and ridden far across the border into the foreign land known as “Perth”, held hostage and then brutally discarded.

In fact, it takes a pretty strong person to try and make a relationship work, without buckling under the weight of public scrutiny and outrage, and then to admit publicly that your partner told you they couldn’t make it work anymore.
“The negativity has been draining, plus it took months to deal with the fact that I was Blake’s third choice of partner,” she told New Idea.
“Weirdly, we are supporting each other through this.”
Louise is not a victim. She’s just a woman who fell for a guy that maybe she shouldn’t have and made the adult decision to uproot her life to be with him.
That doesn’t make her a weakling or target for pity, it just gives her a bit of life experience to draw on next time she finds herself at relationship crossroads.
If you’re going to feel sorry for anyone, save your pity for those poor broken souls who were forced to create the “break-up photoshoot” that will define our generation.

They are the real victims here.

Watch Blake and Louise discuss their future on The Project at the beginning of their relationship…

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