'I'm married with 3 kids, but I really want to have sex with women. So I told my husband.'

I remember my first crush in primary school. It was a boy who was in my class called Alex. The butterflies in my stomach was a new feeling for me and I wanted to talk about him constantly. 

After school I would tell Mum how much I loved him. My mum would look at me in a loving way and say “Honey, you will have many crushes and boyfriends I’m sure!”. But I couldn’t comprehend loving anyone else. I was already planning the wedding we would have at lunch time the next day in the playground. 

The next year I did have another crush. But without understanding why, I knew I couldn’t tell anyone.

Her name was Jess. I remember she kissed me on the cheek one day to say thank you for a birthday present I had given her. The butterflies I felt in my stomach after she had given me that young, innocent peck on the cheek were almost unbearable. 

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I was confused at the feeling. No one had ever talked to me about having feelings for someone who was the same gender. I desperately wanted to ask my mum if she had ever had feelings for a woman before she met my dad, but I felt embarrassed. I was also scared that I would disappoint my family if I were to bring up my feelings in the same way I had about Alex. 

I decided to push the feelings aside and tried to focus on liking boys, just like all my friends did at that age. 


In Year 6 I was still aware that I found girls just as attractive as boys. By then I had heard that you could be 'gay' or 'lesbian', but I had never heard about any other type of sexuality. I felt confused and ashamed about how I was feeling. I knew I didn't fall into a category. 

I worked up the courage to ask my parents for guidance. They assured me that I only loved girls as a friend, and at first I was relieved that I wasn’t a disappointment after all. 

A few months later I kissed a few girls whilst playing spin the bottle at a birthday party. I tried not to think about it too much, because I was just being “normal” like my other female friends. 

After the party finished I remember feeling miserable and confused. I knew I enjoyed kissing girls more than my other friends had. I went home and told my older brother all about it. He seemed happy for me and didn’t judge me at all. 

I pushed on with questioning my parents and asked “but what if I do have a crush on a girl?” I remember their faces. They were confused, worried and looked like I had betrayed them. At that moment, I knew my brother had told my parents about that game of spin the bottle I'd played at the party. I said I was joking after my father told me he would still have to “love” me, but would never look at me the same way.

Ever since then, whenever I had feelings for a woman I pushed them aside. It wasn’t hard because I did have genuine feelings for men too. No relationship of mine was a “cover up”. But I knew I had an attraction towards women just as I did for men.

I am now near 30, have been married for multiple years to Shaun* and have three young kids. We are genuinely happy and have big plans for the future, but for years I have felt like I had to hide a part of myself. I have been living with a sense of shame. 


I have always been incredibly supportive of the LGBTQI+ community but never felt it was an option for me to be a part of it.

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One night I sat Shaun down and told him everything. I told him about my first crush Jess, how I feel now and answered all of his questions.

The hardest part for Shaun was that he couldn't understand why now. Why, after all these years, when we are in a heterosexual marriage would I choose to announce that I am bisexual? Especially if I am as happy as I say I am, why would I be thinking about women? He also felt a sense of embarrassment, thinking that if his wife is 'coming out', maybe he can’t satisfy me.

The truth is, I never planned on 'coming out'. I was in denial for years, but have grown to see that my parents' beliefs don't match mine. The parts of myself I buried are now coming to the surface. 

It’s not that I’m not sexually satisfied within my marriage; I am. This is about my identity.

I would be lying if I said I never fantasied about being with a woman, but I am where I want to be, with a man I truly love and a family I adore.

Since coming out to myself and my husband, it has given me a sense of confidence I never knew I had. 

Even though I haven’t come out to the world (I don’t need to) everyone around me knows something has changed. I have a spring in my step, I’m now living life and being unapologetically me.