A dad wrote this birthday message to his daughter on her 21st. He's now our hero.

You’ve got to love a dad joke.

Anyone who’s ever had a dad, been a dad or walked past a dad in the street, knows being a dad requires a certain sense of humour – you’ve got to crack bad jokes and you’ve got to crack them as often as possible.

That’s why every single person in the world can relate to this dad’s Facebook post for his daughter’s birthday.

When Raylin Pellatt recently turned 21 her dad, Joe, posted a photo of her – with a seal – on Facebook.

He captioned it: “Happy 21st Birthday to my beautiful daughter (left) Raylin”.


Yep, classic dad joke.

Raylin then tweeted a screenshot of the status, writing: “Thanks for the clarification, Dad”.

Of course, the internet immediately fell in love with Joe and his daggy dad sense of humour.



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And when Joe found out his hilarious joke was going viral, he absolutely loved it.



Good one, Joe.

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