"Dear mums. No one wants to hear your birth story."

Yours sincerely, a disgruntled pregnant woman.

When you’re pregnant, the last thing in the world that you want is another mum waltzing in and scaring the life out of you when it comes to labour. But unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to this expectant mum.

And she’s so angry for not speaking up to the stranger who ruined her image of giving birth, that she’s taken to Reddit to air her frustration.

She wrote:

“‘That’s enough about your ‘gaping’ vagina, lady-I-just-met. Thanks but we’re only accepting pep-talks at this time.’

That’s what I WISH I said. Instead I just sat there at a friend’s birthday party, and listened to this harpie go on for 20 minutes about how traumatic her labour was. What is it with mums wanting to tell pregnant women all about their own horror stories?”

There are just some things you don't want to hear from strangers.

"She started out laughing and joking about her friend who was supposedly mad because she was told labour wasn't so bad. I responded with a laugh saying, 'She was surprised that childbirth was painful?'

Guess that wasn't the reaction this woman wanted, so she continued to break out the 'big guns' trying to scare me. At that moment I was unfased, but after the party, I just couldn't get over how rude and distasteful this b*tch was.

I can still hear her squawking and it's bugging me that it's bugging me. So mad I didn't speak up."

Thankfully some other (nicer) mums, came to her rescue and offered some great advice:

"You don't hear the happy stories as much because people don't need to talk those out. You hear the bad stories because they were traumatised and haven't healed yet, poor things. That being said, she needs to find a dang therapist and not subject you to it!"

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"Even if it was traumatic and they are still coping, it's not appropriate to gab to a pregnant person you barely know at a birthday party about it. You can't just use other people as impromptu therapists."

We hope the over-sharing sharer sees this and thinks twice about unleashing her stories on an unsuspecting pregnant woman again.

What advice would you offer to someone who gets unwanted labour advice? 

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