If you're a middle child, you've been waiting for this for a long time.

Middle children get a bad rap. But not anymore.

Being a middle child, I have to say, I agree with all of the below.

Normally, middle children aren’t favoured when it comes to birth order facts. For example, names like middle-child-syndrome get dropped.

But recent research has shown that being the middle child is quite beneficial. In fact, everyone could only wish they were a middle child (totally something a middle child would say, right?).

That's right little boy - middle children rock.

So if you are a middle child, or you have 3 kids and trying to figure out what makes your middle child tick, here are some facts from the experts:

Middle children are naturally successful. Researchers don't know whether this is because they want to one-up their siblings, or because they crave the attention that comes with success. But either way, they are - and 52% of US presidents were middle-children.

Middle children have the freedom to become who they want says Dr. Catherine Salmon and Katrin Schumann of The Secret Power of Middle Children. While all the focus of the parents are on the first child (and lots and lots of pressure is applied to them to succeed), and everyone is worried about the youngest - the middle child gets to grow and discover themselves.

They are extremely innovative. All that independence, says Dr Salmon and Schumann, gives them room to be creative and innovation. Even from the time they were really young - while the eldest had mummy and daddy playing with them, and the youngest was given whatever kept them quiet, the middle child had to create their own play time.

Middle children's negotiation skills are amazing.

Middle children get many many gold stars for their negotiation tactics. Not only were they most likely the white flag wavers in between their siblings battles, but they also had to figure out how to get what they wanted, while their parents attention was diverted.

Coming second has its perks. While the middle child's elder sibling had to make all the mistakes, the middle child sat by and learned from them. 

Middle kids are the best life-partners. Kevin Leman of The Birth Order Book says that middle children are the most monogamous.

They learn to help themselves.

Middle children, while they might not be the most popular, have an easier time making friends (and therefore will value the friendships in their lives). While the eldest and youngest probably went to their parents for emotional support, the middle child turned to their friends.

Birth order expert, Linda Blair says middle children are far more easy going than their elder sibling. While mum and dad were super worried about their first born, by the time their second came around, they were able to relax about parenting.

They love any alone time with you that they can get.

And finally, how to parent a middle child? Experts say to make sure to carve out one-on-one time with them - they'll appreciate it after all that sharing they usually have to do.

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