The words that should never be uttered after your partner has given birth.

The first moments after childbirth is a special time – a time to treasure with your partner and your gorgeous newborn. Unless, of course, said partner puts their foot in it – big time.

That was the topic of a recent Reddit thread, which asked commenters to share the worst thing you could say to your partner after they give birth.

It’s unknown if these were all actual quotes from brand new fathers, or whether the posters were simply being creative. But either way, they’re pretty entertaining. And rage-inducing…

Here are some of the best:

"What's for dinner?"

chocki305: "She still looks fat, must be another one in there."

Sexcalator: "Could have sworn we were having triplets with how big she is. Seriously Doc, I know there's another one in there."

qervem: "Pffft, I can do that with my penis."

queuedUp: "Well, that seemed easy."

Cioran: "What's for dinner?"

Tiborc: "Can I leave now?"

KittyKat1986: "My feet are tired from standing and I need to check on some football scores."

namer98: "What I actually said: When does she get cute?"

"Can I leave now?" Image via iStock.

nauna28: "As soon as my nephew was born, my brother (the father) just left and went to get food for himself. He didn't wait to hold the baby or anything. My nephew's nana also left not long after the baby was born without holding him or anything. I thought it was weird. I was at the hospital with them the whole time and I ended up being the first person to hold my nephew."

ivebeenherelonger "Looks at doctor: What's the return policy?"

MuffinMitts: "Legend goes that as my mother was giving birth to me, Dad asks the doctors "Y'all ever seen 'Alien'?". He was told to leave the OR."

HazardousPork: "I'm so glad you didn't have to see that."

matchuulol: "You think that was bad!? Try getting hit in the balls!!"

Oh dear. We're guessing some of those men are now single...

Did your partner put their foot in it after you gave birth?

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