The most inconvenient places to give birth.

We all remember that famous scene from Offspring where Nina Proudman gives birth to her daughter Zoe on the hospital floor after crawling out of the building’s lift.

That scene was hilarious and so outrageous.

I remember watching it thinking to myself “that stuff never happens in real life” in between fits of laughter. Well, it turns out the joke is on me because apparently when a baby is ready to be born, they don’t always wait until their mum is ready for it to happen.

Who knew?

Nina Proudman gave birth to baby Zoe in the most inconvenient location.

It seems inconvenient locations aren't just reserved for our TV screens. Imgur contributors started sharing some of their weird and whacky birthing places with the world, after one contributor shared her inconvenient story of how not one but two of her children came into the world.

But wait, there's more.

Following this post were hundreds of comments from contributors sharing their own inconvenient birthing story.

We've picked out some of our favourites for you to enjoy:

1. "My husband delivered eight babies as a paramedic - three in an ambulance, one in a parked car, four in their mother's home."

2. "My mum started having contractions when it was my time to escape but didn't go to the hospital bc she didn't want to miss a picnic. Thanks mum!"

3. "My best friend went to the hospital and they sent her home, hour later she gave birth on her futon... they nicknamed the kid couch baby."

4. "My wife and I delayed the birth induction for our second child by two hours so we could watch Lost."

5. "My mum demanded she have clam chowder before heading to the hospital while in labor."

6. "I was almost born in a taxi."

7. "My mum had me at34 weeks. Had a scan and didn't realise it was an emergency and went into town shopping to kill time. Hospital staff went crazy."

8. "My cousin's son was born in their Lexus on the way to the hospital. I told them to name him Alexis."

9. "When my mum went into labor, my dad stopped at a store on the way to the hospital to get a photo of my mum holding a jar of Prego sauce."

Did you give birth to your baby in an inconvenient way?