Need new kitchen appliances? We've found 6 of the best on sale, with a $300 freebie.

Thanks to our brand partner, BingLee

May we all take a moment to honour the most exciting room of the house…

…No, not the bedroom. That's a close second. It's obviously the kitchen. 

Come on, the kitchen is where the magic really happens. And if you've spent the better half of 2020 eating most meals at home (hands up), you'll know just how much of a difference great appliances can make to your life.

Whether you've just moved house, you're renovating or you just want to treat your kitchen like the temple of greatness it is, now is a good time to upgrade the important appliances - like fridges, dishwashers, microwaves and more. You don't want to end up stuck during Christmas and summer when you're probably entertaining the most.

Plus, Bing Lee has a special offer for the month of October. When you buy select cooking and laundry appliances there, you'll also get a bonus Woolworths eGift card (valued from $25 to $300 depending on your purchase).

Let's have a deeper dig into some of the best appliances that are part of this deal:

1.    A very fancy, very adult wine cabinet.

Vintec wine cabinet. Image: Bing Lee.

There is nothing more adult than a wine cabinet, and the Vintec 35 Bottle Wine Cabinet ($799) or 50 Bottle Wine Cabinet ($1999) is cause for cellar-bration (sorry, couldn't resist). These are what they call "single zone" wine cabinets, meaning you can store reds, whites and Champagne at the same temperature (12° to 14°C). Ingenious.


You can also change the temperature if you're just going for super chilled and ready-to-drink vino. With zero vibration, a UV-protected dark storage area and great airflow, these wine cabinets will impress any guest popping over this summer for a drink.

2.    A fridge with French doors, but would you look at that storage space?

Fisher & Paykel's Quad Door Refrigerator. Image: Bing Lee.

If you've been watching The Home Edit on Netflix, you'll know that there's nothing more satisfying than storage space solutions (yes, this is 2020 and home organisation is everything). This Quad Door Refrigerator from Fisher & Paykel ($3699)  is an organiser's dream: open up those French doors and find fully extendable drawers, different-sized adjustable shelves, and separate areas for meat and frozen desserts. It also has water on tap, which is always a plus.

This fridge is smart, too. It has technology called ActiveSmart Foodcare, which adjusts temperature, airflow and humidity to help keep your food fresher for longer. Other fridge brands on sale at Bing Lee include Westinghouse, Electrolux, LG, Samsung and Mitsubishi.

3.    A portable barbecue that doubles your cooking options.

BeefEater's Big Bugg Amber Mobile Barbecue. Image: Bing Lee.


BeefEater's Big Bugg Amber Mobile Barbecue ($799) has earned rave reviews online because it's basically a hot plate and a grill integrated into one extra large surface. Cook a roast and your veggies at the same time, and make use of the integrated thermometer. There's convenient storage for your condiments and side trays so you actually have some prep space. 

And yes, that yellow hood is rather striking and summery, so we're partial to that.

4.    A combination microwave with time-saving presets.

Electrolux Combination Microwave. Image: Bing Lee.


We're calling it – the microwave is the underrated hero/heroine of 2020. We'll never take our microwaves for granted again after saving so many of our lunches and dinners at home. One of Choice magazine's recommended microwaves is this sleek, compact, dark stainless steel Electrolux Combination Microwave ($399).

There are some great selling points: for starters, it's a fan-forced oven with a combination microwave function to speed up your cooking time. So you can heat up that potato gratin and brown it in the process. YUM.

It has 10 auto cook programs, which you can save as favourites if you're making the same things regularly. Like potato gratin (all the cheesy carbs, please).

5.    An oven that cooks a pizza in five minutes AND cleans itself.

Smeg's Classic Pyrolytic Oven. Image: Bing Lee.

Smeg's range of pyrolytic ovens are seriously impressive. Pyro-huh? It works like this: the oven's 'pyrolytic cycle' locks the door and heats the oven to around 500ºC, which carbonises any food residue or burnt-on grease to a tiny amount of ash. All you need to do is wipe it away with a damp cloth.

The Classic Thermoseal Pyrolytic Oven ($1799) is one option, but if you want the full suite of cooking functions and modes, the Classic Pyrolytic Oven ($3390) has very specific modes like Supercook (faster preheating), Proving (which creates a perfect environment for dough to rise) and Pizza (which can cook a pizza in five minutes, depending on the filling you've used).


6.    A cooktop that heats up fast and has a Pause function.

Westinghouse's 4-Zone Induction Cooktop. Image: Bing Lee.

Oh, another unsung hero of the kitchen: the cooktop. Literally no one wants to wait forever for water to boil, food to cook, or – the worst – cleaning up a sticky stovetop. Bing Lee has several brands with gas and induction cooktops on sale, including Westinghouse, Omega, Electrolux and Smeg.

Let's look at two from Westinghouse. The 5 Burner Gas Cooktop ($1279) has a high-powered wok burner for deeper flavours, and a family-safe design. 

The 4-Zone Induction Cooktop ($1590) is an easy option for transitioning from a traditional cooktop to induction, as it shares the same rated input power as ceramic or electric cooktops. The most clever feature, in our opinion? The Pause function, which pauses all induction zones and drops them to Keep Warm mode (perfect if you've got a quick call or need to check on the kids). When you're ready to start up again, hit Pause again and the settings will return immediately.

Inspired to upgrade your kitchen now? Remember, you can get a bonus gift card valued up to $300 with select appliances for October only at Bing Lee. Check out what's on sale at binglee.com.au.

Feature image: Bing Lee/Smeg

*Promotion available on purchases made between 01/10/20 and 01/11/20 or while stocks last. Conditions apply. Terms and Conditions here.

Bing Lee is a proudly family-owned company, committed to helping Australians find excellent deals on the appliances and electronics they need for more than 60 years. This is why for the month of October when you purchase selected kitchen and laundry products from your favourite brands (including Smeg, Electrolux and more), you’ll receive a Bonus Woolworths eGiftcard valued up to $300. With simple pickup and delivery options across both Sydney and Melbourne, you can rest easy in the knowledge that all their products come with a full manufacturer’s warranty and be confident that you are making a great purchase.