Bindi Irwin sounds exactly like our teenage selves talking about her boyfriend.


Remember how obsessed you were with your teenage boyfriend?

Yep. Same. Now, how confident would you be about confessing your love to said 17-year-old boyfriend in one of the country’s biggest magazines?

Not very?

Well, Bindi Irwin is warming the cockles of our old, cold hearts as she confesses to the Australian Women’s Weekly that her new BF Chandler Powell is, like, the only guy who “gets her”.

Naw. #younglove

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Bindi has spoken in the interview about being in love (!!!) with Chandler, who does, in fairness, sound like a teenage dreamboat. I mean, the dude is a professional wakeboarder. My teenage boyfriend didn’t even wear shoes.

Beautiful Bindi shows off an understated glamour for the new issue of the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Like Bindi, Chandler spends much of his time travelling the globe for his career, and the two have connected over their shared hectic schedules.  


“My mum has always described him as an old-fashioned gentleman,” Bindi says. “He’s always there to keep me going. He’s a sweet, sweet person.


He’s the first person I’ve met who understands my life – the travel and the work and that real dedication and determination. I think that’s why I love him so much – because he gets my world.”

Well, he’s got the tick of approval from Mum. That’s a good start. But we’re a little iffy on the ‘old fashioned gentleman’ part — don’t forget, Bindi, the modern man is pretty dishy too. You know, gender equality and all that. 

Bindi, who has been dressed for the shoot as Nicole-Kidman-in-Baz-Luhrmans-Australia, has not a sequin in sight as she poses with her old mate the koala in a variety of lacey frocks. She looks very grown up, and very happy.

Oh, to be 17 and in love.

We just feel sorry for Chandler, who will suffer the wrath of a thousand disgruntled Aussie Mums if he even LOOKS the other direction…

Read the full article in the January 2016 edition of the Australian Women’s Weekly.