Bindi Irwin is now dishing out relationship advice, Oprah style.

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It seems like just yesterday Bindi Irwin was a seven-year-old girl forever clad in khakis and surrounded by wild animal friends that most of us would run very, very fast from.

But now the daughter of the late Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin is all grown up and dating. And she has some relationship wisdom to impart. Move on over, Oprah.

The 17 year old made her first public appearance with Florida-based boyfriend, professional wakeboarder Chandler Powell, at the taping of Dancing With The Stars, which Irwin is currently competing on. And she shared her secret to making their long distance relationship work.

Irwin with her boyfriend Powell. Image via Getty.


"We talk every day and are together every two to three months," she told People.

"Thankfully I've found someone who is an outdoors kind of person. We'll go have adventures or picnic in the park."

Proving she's an old soul at heart, Irwin said that while the couple regularly use Facetime or Skype to catch up, she's an "old-fashioned" romantic and regularly writes letters to Powell.

Ah, young love. (Post continues after gallery.)

It's not the first time Irwin has offered some inspirational words of wisdom, Oprah style.

Her Instagram bio currently includes the quote: "One crowded hour of glorious life is worth more than an age without a name...", and she regularly posts motivational quotes with the hashtag #TodaysThoughts on her page that her followers love.

Bindi regularly shares motivational quotes for #TodaysThoughts. Image via Instagram (@Bindisueirwin)


While some have questioned her comments in the past (she was criticised by many last year for saying girls "should dress their age" and wear classier things than revealing clothing) Irwin has demonstrated she's matured in both age and attitude.

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself," she captioned a selfie earlier this year.

Bindi, we totally agree. We think we've found our new agony aunt.

Do you think Bindi makes a good role model?