Bindi Irwin is celebrating her 18th birthday in the most unusual way.

As most teenagers hitting their 18th birthday rush to their nearest bar, over-enthusiastically thrusting their now adult ID into the hands of a bored barman and ordering themselves a nice, and very legal, alcoholic drink, for her 18th birthday, Bindi Irwin will grab herself a cold can of coke out of the fridge and pour herself her very first glass.

“I’ve never had a Coca-Cola before,” Bindi told Entertainment Tonight in the lead up to her 18th birthday celebrations tomorrow.

“[My] mom always tried to limit us on soft drinks and things like that, [but] I think that now I’m allowed to have a Coca-Cola. I think?”

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It seems somewhere along the line the 17-year-old animal-loving, Dancing With The Stars hero missed a right of passage gifted to young children to over-indulge themselves with sugar at children’s birthday parties and swear themselves off soft drinks for life.

Apart from exposing herself to some fizzy, carbonated, cola-flavoured something, Bindi also told Entertainment Tonight her birthday would be a quiet affair celebrated with her tight-knight family.

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“I will be celebrating with my lovely little family and I’ll probably play some board games, and you know, have a nice cup of tea,” she said. “I might go crazy and wild and have three cups of tea that night. I’m feeling rebellious!”

It is perhaps an unsurprisingly admission from someone who confesses that her family see her as someone fairly mature for her age.

“My mom always says that I’m an 86-year-old stuck in a 17-year-old body,” she said.

Bindi and Chandler Powell’s loving snaps.

Bindi also admitted the day would be a “really bittersweet time” without her late father, Steve Irwin.

“I can feel that he’s not here anymore on most of the days that are really big for our family,” Bindi shared. “On days like birthdays, Christmases, it’s really a tough time because he’s not here.”

“It’s sad because you want him to be right next to you and experiencing all these milestones, but I truly believe that, in some way, he is still with us,” she added.