Eight of the best moments shared between Billie and Nina on Offspring.

Billie and Nina Proudman – the best sisters on Australian TV.





Please don’t let it be true.

Please, I’ll do anything for it NOT to be true.

That was my reaction to the news that this season of Channel 10’s Offspring could be the show’s last.

What? No more awkward Nina moments? No more eccentric Proudman family gatherings? No more drooling over Nina’s fashion and lofty house? What will I do to fill the Wednesdays at 8:30pm gap?

Tell me it’s not true.

Look, the truth is that nothing has been confirmed yet. So I might just be crying into my soup for no reason. Still, I can’t help but think that if it’s not this season, the end is probably still nigh.

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I could write for hours about how damn much I love this show – there’s the characters, the incredible writing, the scenery in my hometown of Melbourne. But if there’s one thing I love more than anything, it’s the incredible relationship between the Proudman sisters – Nina and Billie.

There’s not a woman in Australia who watches Offspring and hasn’t either a) called her sister immediately after a show or b) sat on the couch wishing she had a Billie or a Nina in her life.

And with that, we thought it might be fun to look back at the best moments shared between the two. Prepare to take a walk down Offspring memory lane…

1. Nina and Billie’s first scene together.

Nina (or Dr Proudman) is at the hospital wrestling with the vending machine when she receives a call from Billie.

“Have you got your hand up a patient or can you talk?” Billie asks.

2. When Mick sings  “Six at best” at the pub.

After sleeping with Nina and causing a rift between the sisters, Mick sings a song about how Nina is a six in bed (out of 10) and Billie is a 10.

After the song the girls hug and make up. Huzzah!

It’s impossible NOT to love their crazy beautiful relationship.

3. Billie’s wedding.

There wasn’t a dry eye in Australia when Billie walked down the aisle and THAT song was playing. (For the record – it was ‘Sister’ by Jamie McDowell).

4. Nina’s “I’m so sticky” moment.

Billie, Nina, Patrick and Mick are at the pub when the subject of cheating comes up. Nina – wanting to protect her sister – quickly changes the subject.

“I’m so sticky…”

Sorry, what?

5. When Billie realises that her relationship won’t change with Nina even though they have different dads.

Nina and Billie are sitting on the steps of Geraldine’s house after Nina finds out that Phillip Noonan is actually her father.

Those few minutes of television were as beautiful as it gets.

6. When Billie tries to find out if Nina’s colleague Eloise has a crush on Patrick.

Nina calls to tell Billie “Eloise is peeling Patrick’s sweet potato”. Thirty seconds later, Billie arrives unannounced for dinner.

7.  When Billie finds out that Patrick has died.

Billie walks into the house, walks straight up to Nina and hugs her. No words needed.

8. The most heart-breaking yet heart-warming scene in Offspring to date.

It’s a short time after Patrick’s death and a few days before Nina is due to give birth. Nina is worried that she won’t be able to love the baby because she’s too consumed by grief.

Billie: “I know you’re going to love this baby.”

Nina: “What if I don’t?”

Billie: “Well, then I’ll cover you. If you’re too sad to start with, I’ll love the baby … I’ll love the baby ’til you’re ready to.”

All good things must come to an end. That much is true. And when the time comes for Offspring – whether it’s this season or the one after it – I can only imagine the collective sorrow from the women of Australia will be on par with the day Patrick died.

But the good news is that the characters and the story lines don’t have to disappear forever….


Do you have a favourite Nina/Billie moment to share?


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