Hilarious: Comedian Bill Maher says Australians are "taking over" the U.S.

They’re onto us.

Every Australian is familiar with our nationwide policy to completely infiltrate the U.S and take over their country.

We’ve all been working towards it for some time now and we’ve been fairly successful at it already.

But alas, comedian Bill Maher has finally cottoned on to our cunning plan and has called out our clever attempts on his show Real Time with Bill Maher.

In a six-minute segment, he jokingly commented on the fact that “every single bartender in this town is suddenly some six-feet-four Australian dude with a great personality who’s generous with the free drinks and we’re just letting it happen!”

Please watch and share this clip before we regroup with a new strategy at our next “How to takeover America” meeting.

Our great personalities are coming for you, America.

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