The 15 biggest viral idiots of 2014.

It used to be that public speaking was most people’s number one fear. But if we did that survey again in 2014, the top spot would probably be taken out by ‘accidentally embarrassing myself and becoming a viral sensation’.

There’s cameras everywhere now, you guys, all ready to capture you doing the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in your life.

Here’s the list of people who got caught out in 2014:

Oh god.

15. “Stuck on roof! Sorry!” Is this delivery guy for real?

You had one job, dude. You had one job. Relive it here.


14. The story of a drunk man trying to jump a fence.

Five million hits on Youtube in just a few days. Relive his frustration here. 


13. Every complaint from the Domino’s Facebook page, in one hilarious yet shameful montage.

Did one of your complaints make the cut? Relive it here.


12. She told him she wasn’t interested. Watch as he loses it in 33 texts.

It’s an epic Tinder rejection. Relive it here.


11. Random woman started posing for the paparazzi. Didn’t realise a supermodel was behind her.

The pics are priceless, though. Relive it here.


10. He tried to pick up his wife’s delivery nurse. As in, while his wife WAS IN LABOR.

He thought they had a connection, okay? Relive it here.


It’s not easy being stupid in 2014.

9. How to lose a guy in 54 text messages.

They’d only been on one date. She was probably a little too keen… Relive it here.


8. A family called the police because their cat held them hostage.

“HE’S CHARGING AT US!” Relive it here.


7. This is why you never, EVER, hesitate at the top of a diving board.

Yikes. Relive it here.


6. A woman accidentally joined the search party that was looking for her.

It took them hours to put two and two together. Relive it here.


5. This man tried to vacuum his own farts. It ended badly.

Like, surgery-level badly. Relive it here.


Vacuuming farts? Really?

4. Woman accidentally sends nude selfie to dad. Has justified Twitter meltdown.



3. This is why you don’t propose with a very expensive ring on a very wobbly boat.

“Oh god oh god oh god.” Relive it here.


2. This man just realised he’s been pooping wrong his entire life.

His ENTIRE life. Relive it here.


1. Seriously – how could this Millionaire Hot Seat contestant get this answer wrong?

Eddie McGuire is in complete disbelief. Relive it here.






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