A makeup artist shares the three common mistakes we all make when applying makeup.


Amelia Webb is well-versed in all things makeup.

After all, it’s her bread, her butter and her passion. With over 30,000 followers on Instagram, she often gives many-a-makeup tutorial for those not gifted with the kind of face-painting magic she has mastered. Her advice is accessible, simple and remarkably helpful.

So, rather than focusing on all the things we should be doing better when it comes to applying our makeup, I asked her straight: What the hell do we keep doing wrong?

And boy, did she have some answers.

“When applying makeup it all comes down to your skin and how you look after it. Makeup will not look flawless if you haven’t chosen the right products for your skin type,” she tells Mamamia.


“Once you have the right skincare regime, cleanser, moisturiser and foundation… evening makeup will be a breeze to apply and will last you all day and night.”

1. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation

“A really common mistake is wearing a foundation that isn’t your right shade,” Amelia says.

“This may mean trialling a few different foundations to suit your skin type and your undertone and then purchasing in a few different shades.”

2. Look at what you’re putting on before you start

“It is also very important to ensure you have the right moisturiser under your foundation – steer clear of any greasy moisturisers that will slide off your skin.

“When moisturisers are too greasy and thick it tends to make the foundation slide off the skin throughout the day which will mean your makeup will not last.”

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3. Know your skin

“Knowing your skin type is so important when applying makeup, this will ensure you are choosing the right moisturiser, the right foundation and the right concealer for your skin.

“Everyone is so different. I suggest seeing a skin specialist who can examine your skin to make a call on what skin type you come under and what products you should be using to keep it perfect every day.”