CULT BUY: The $49 adorable plush animal ottomans every kid needs this winter.

Winter has arrived and everything is suddenly very dreary.

It’s raining all the time and it’s always… dark.

But we have a solution – and it’s one the kids will definitely get behind.

Introducing BIG W’s adorable plush animal ottomans.

They are fluffy and bright and adorable – everything that winter is not.

In 2018, the department store released an elephant ottoman which sold out in just weeks.

And now the incredibly popular elephant is finally back in stores with six more cute animal friends.

The ottoman now comes in seven varieties – an elephant, a sheep, a pig, a unicorn, a triceratops, and lion, and a cow.

At just $49 each, these adorable ottomans are the perfect gift for all the dinosaur and unicorn lovers out there.

Adulting is over-rated – I’ll take one too.

Monique Yourallis, the BIG W Category Manager, told Mamamia the ottoman range has been expanded due to their popularity last year.

“We have decided to expand the range of the ottomans due to their huge popularity last time. Customers have previously requested a cow option, and we’ve heard them loud and clear! We’ve also added a lion option to jump on the trending theme of Kids Jungle rooms, with the new Lion King movie coming out soon. Last time, the triceratops and unicorn sold out within 4 days, so we expect stock to move quick.”


Here’s the full range of ottomans up for grabs:

big w ottoman
The pig. Image: Supplied.
big w ottoman
The sheep. Image: Supplied.
big w ottoman
The Triceratops. Image: Supplied.
big w ottoman
The elephant. Image: Supplied.
big w ottoman
The unicorn. Image: Supplied.
big w ottoman
Mooove over for the cow. Image: Supplied.
big w ottoman
And finally, the lion. Image: Supplied.

The ottomans are quickly gaining traction in the Big W Mum Australia Facebook Group (and in the office).

"I don't even have a nursery but I need one," one woman commented.

"OMG I need the sheep to go with my elephant," another wrote.

The ottomans are available for purchase in-store and online for $49 each.

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