Superfans are begging Liane Moriarty to not make another season of Big Little Lies.


^ In case you missed it, that is basically every Big Little Lies fan all over Liane Moriarty’s Facebook page right now.

You see, the freakishly successful author (who is from Australia, by the way) has sent the interwebs into a right tizzy after saying she’s “absolutely open to the possibility” of doing a Season Two of the HBO show. You know, one that extends the plot beyond that of the novel.

“I’m thinking about ideas and potential storylines,” the 50-year-old shared on Wednesday morning. “Of course, I don’t know if those ideas will work or not and I don’t know if all the talented people who would need to say yes WILL say yes.”

(Nicole Kidman, you guys. She’s totally taking about Nicole.)

“All I’m saying is that it’s a wonderful possibility!” she wrote.

While thousands agreed, not everyone was as enthusiastic about the idea.

Enter: the ‘books are so much better than TV’ people:

“Please don’t make a season two. The book was very conclusive. Just make mini series of all your other books instead!” one superfan wrote. Another: “Better to leave things on a high and work on a new project.”

“Dont agree with [making] a season 2 but I do think some of your other books would be great series as well,” a third added.

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A quick squiz of the comments section presents the same opinion over and over again: Liane, why don’t you just make every other novel – Three Wishes, The Last Anniversary, What Alice Forgot, The Hypnotist’s Love Story, *deep breath* The Husband’s Secret, AND Truly Madly Guilty – into TV series instead?

So simple!!!!

No matter what Liane Moriarty decides, I think we can all rest assured she will make a good decision.

She is the one who has produced big ol’ batch of best selling novels, after all.