The Big Brother couple you thought wouldn't last have big baby plans.

Wow. Talk about a fast moving relationship.

We all thought their relationship was doomed after their constant fighting in the Big Brother house, but it turns out Travis and Aisha are definitely still on and more ‘in love’ than ever.

And they’re taking things just as quickly as what they were in the house, having already revealed plans to have a baby, after Travis’ mum gave an all mighty push. Because you know you’re ready to start a family after being together for three-months.

When asked about having children, Travis told The Daily Mail, “I’m 100 per cent keen for one. I’m already trying to knock her up. Mum’s always pressuring me because she wants to be a grandmother. I’ve got two brothers and I think she thinks I’m her best chance to be a grandmother now.”

Travis and Aisha.

“I'm just trying to be a good boy to my mummy and give her babies. Aisha's slapping me on the knee right now saying 'you wish!', but I'm definitely hoping for a baby by next year. I want to be a young daddy,” the 24-year-old continued.

Except Aisha, 22, doesn’t seem completely sold on the idea of becoming a mum yet, explaining, “For the first time in my life, my private life isn't so private anymore...I guess kids are definitely way, way into the future - I haven't really thought about that.”

Travis and Aisha.

And after being separated for three weeks after Aisha’s eviction, Travis has continued to woo her, even travelling from his home town of Melbourne to surprise Aisha who lives in Sydney.


Talking about the surprise, Aisha gushed, “I was lying in my bed at 9:30 at night and then my phone rang. It was him, and he was like, ‘oh hi, what are you doing?’, and I said ‘just lying in bed, what are you doing?’, and he said, ‘I'm at your front door’. I ran down stairs and he was there with a bottle of red.”

And apparently for Travis, money can’t buy love as he explained he’s taken home an even greater prize after being on the reality show. “She's worth more than $200,000,” Travis believes.

Travis and Aisha.

And Travis is certainly keen to have his love by his side more permanently, as he hopes one of them will move closer for the other. “She's living in Sydney and I'm in Melbourne so that's one thing we're going to have to come together and have a bit of an arm wrestle and see who comes out on top,” he said.

“I'm always rooting for Melbourne over Sydney. I suppose I'll invite her over and try to woo her with the city of Melbourne and hopefully she'll come down. I love Melbourne but I also love Aisha so we'll see what happens,” Travis went on to say.

Watch this space for a pregnancy announcement...or maybe not.

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