Two Big Brother housemates have hooked up on the outside.

Perhaps it’s more than just friendship between Sam and Sandra…

Big Brother has wrapped up for another year, and the winner, Ryan Ginns, took out the top prize of $200,000.

Of course, the celebrations between the housemates and their friends continued long into the night, just long enough for many of their secrets to coming spilling out. Excellent.

The flirtatious friendship between housemates Sam Bramham and Sandra Nixon was a frustrating one in the house because Sam had a girlfriend on the outside.

“So if I was going to win, Sam and Sandy were going to kiss,” Ryan explained in a video posted to Instagram.

“We did promise,” Sam said to the camera before Sandra wrapped her hands around the Paralympian’s neck and pulled him in for a lingering, passionate kiss.

Oo la la.


Ryan admitted that the thing he missed most from the house was sex. We're not that surprised.

"It was pretty tough I'm not gonna lie," admitted Ryan.

But the Bondi boy had a pretty simple way of venting his sexual frustration. And he probably shouldn't have shared...

Last night, before Ryan was announced as the winner.

"I was pretty bold, I just went to the toilet, there was a camera in there… but you just get over it," he said.

"I'd go quite frequently and I know everyone in the house was going quite frequently. But everyone had their own technique, Lawson had 'the ghost', so he'd go into the toilet and chuck the doona over the top. Mine was just plain and simple."


Thanks for that, Ryan.

The housemates also started to reveal details about the other couples in the house... and how one unlucky pair have already broken up.

"This is some juicy goss for you, apparently Lisa and Jake broke up!" Skye laughed. "But they were acting like they were together for the wrap party. I don’t know what that was about."

And the winner is...

And what about Skye's little Romeo, Leo?

"I actually didn't talk to Leo that much [at the afterparty]," Skye said. "Apparently he's been trying to tune all my friends. Apparently he messaged my best friend's sister on Facebook and was trying to gee something up with her. I just basically got told that he's a massive player!"

So that's a big "no" to that romance, then.

Cat and Lawson where there too, but Ryan said they were pretty low-key. "Cat and Lawson weren’t too intense. I thought they'd be more coupley but they weren't," he said.

So all is well that ends well!

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