Big news for the Big Brother love triangle.

Reality TV may be about to hit a new low.

And that’s a pretty low bar to stoop under.

The Big Brother love triangle – which involves housemate Lawson blatantly cheating on his girlfriend of five years by starting a new relationship with housemate Cat (exchanging ‘I Love You’s and everything) – might be getting even pointier.

Lawson talking to Cat, who is NOT his girlfriend of FIVE YEARS.

Rumour has it that Channel Nine will be sending Lawson’s scorned girlfriend Candice into the house.

It’s a rumour started by an unreliable source, a 2012 contestant of the show called Ryan Buckingham. He posted an “inside word” on his Facebook account, that Candice will “walk inside the BBAU house this week”, and the ‘Behind Big Brother’ website was allllll over it.

Candice has been having a bit of a rough time on the outside, and not just because she is watching her boyfriend of five years declare his passionate love for another woman on television. She joined Twitter to tweet one comment:


Doesn’t sound like she’ll be heading into the Big Brother house anytime soon.

As it turns out, Lawson gave a tearful apology to Candice, but it didn’t make it on air. In the transcript obtained by News Corp Australia, it looks like Lawson changed his mind about the whole declaring-his-love-to-Cat thing.

“I love Candice. I feel that love for her for … what her and I have been through. That kind of love I don’t know how to explain.

“I will always care for her even though I’ve really hurt her. I kind of owe my life to her in a way.

Lawson and Candice, before Big Brother.

“I couldn’t say that I love Cat but it’s obvious that I do feel something for Cat. I feel happy when I’m around her and when we’re talking. I don’t think that I love Cat at this moment, but I have strong feelings towards her.”

“I don’t think that love is something that is just there as such.”

Good luck, mate. You’ll need it.

Big Brother 2014. Stay classy.

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