Someone in the Big Brother house said the 'L word' last night.


Big Brother contestants Cat and Lawson said ‘I love you’ to each other last night, while Lawson’s girlfriend of five years probably cried on the couch at home.

At least they tried to whisper it… but they forgot about the microphones.

Watch this video, and throw popcorn at them:

This is the Big Brother love triangle story, in four easy dot-points:

  • 31-year-old divorcee midwife Cat and 23-year-old electrician magician (no, really) Lawson found themselves forced to live with random annoying strangers in a confined space with limited food and daily challenges of humiliation and emotional turmoil (THEY VOLUNTEERED TO BE THERE).
  • Cat and Lawson got all flirty and then dirty, and then tried to do the right thing by spending time apart (in a confined space with limited rooms…).
  • That worked for about five minutes, until last night when they got liquored-up (good work, Channel Nine) and quickly started declaring their love for each other, deciding they will just deal with the fall-out together. Because screw the girlfriend, we are LOVE.

Despite his subtle groping, he’s not talking about boobs.

Look at that. It only took three dot points.

Some of the other housemates are confessing to Big Brother that they are feeling bad for Candice on the outside, or feeling angry at the new couple, and feeling frustrated and blah blah blah. All the feels.

But really, we hope Candice is okay. New season of The Bachelorette, perhaps?

Check out some snaps from Big Brother this year:

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