FLUFF: Both sides of cheating couple evicted from Big Brother house. Prepare for sh*t storm.

The ‘Cougar Cat’ has left the building.

The love triangle of Big Brother ended last night (well, ended from our screens at least…) when Cat was evicted, following the eviction of her House boyfriend Lawson on Monday night.

Lawson and NOT his girlfriend.


Lawson + Candice = relationship for five years.

Lawson enters Big Brother house.

Lawson, 23, meets Cat, 31.

Lawson + Cat = break Candice’s heart by engaging in a televised love affair while she sits on couch at home crying.

Oh, television.

Lawson and his ACTUAL (well… probably ex) girlfriend.

Lawson and Cat have had a lot to say for themselves in the hours that they have been outside the house.

Cat told Jules, Merrick and Sophie on 2DayFm this morning: “It’s about being honest to who I am and what’s going on at the time. These were real feelings two people had about one another and it just so happened to be filmed.”

Uh… Cat? It didn’t “just so happened” to get filmed. YOU WERE ON A TV SHOW.

“I can’t regret anything that was a positive experience… There was people who got hurt and I’m obviously so sorry about that but in the end I got so much personal growth out of it that I personally can’t regret it”

“Whatever Lawson has with Candice is between the two of them. I can’t interfere with that and he’ll let me know either way what’s going on and I respect that.”


And what did ol’ Lawson have to say for himself?

“I don’t think that relationship (with Candice) will continue… I couldn’t ever look any of her family in the eye… So far I have tried to make contact but understandably she is not ready to speak to me. Look, she needs time and however much time that is, is up to her”.


So the Big Brother love triangle is officially off our screens. But if it’s anything like the Bachelor love triangle… prepare yourselves.

What a journey…


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