Finally! A pen made for our delicate female fingers.

Bic ‘for her’ pens.






How many times have you picked up a pen only to have it tumble gracelessly from your delicate digits?

Mercifully, Bic has released a new “for her” range of pens. Phew. No longer will you be forced to battle through with those ugly, hard to navigate, overtly masculine writing tools.

Or dip twigs in your menstual blood in order to write in your diary.

Now you have a little help from Bic.

The marketing campaign is not intended to be funny or even ironic. Somehow, somewhere, someone – a lot of marketing someones – decided this would be a good idea. Were they serving hash cookies in that meeting?

The best part though,  is the reviews. All over the world, users of the ‘for her’ pens have taken to Amazon to share their experiences with the feminine writing implements.

Check these out:

You can see even more hilarious reviews here.

And you can see the campaign’s new (not supposed to be funny) ad here.

What products WOULD you like to see a ‘for her’ version of?