Bianca Dye on the last egg retrieval from her 'emotional 2 years of IVF'.

Well known radio host Bianca Dye left her show on i98FM in June this year because her ‘biological clock was ticking’ and she wanted to focus on having a family.

The 42-year-old has since become a voice and advocate for women going through IVF, as well as those struggling to fall pregnant.

This week, the media personality has taken to social media to share that she has undergone her last egg retrieval and now she’ll have to wait and ‘see what the universe has in store.’

Bianca has spoken about trying to get pregnant many times. Post continues after the video…

Dye wrote on Facebook on November 11, “After an emotional 2 years of IVF (miscarriages/being told I need an operation to contain my endometriosis asap etc) my doc pretty much said this egg retrieval today will be my last! So whatever eggies we get today (it ain’t a fun procedure!) get added to the 7 I have frozen. (Plus our 2 little embryos) and that’s it. Then we pop some suckers in & see what the universe has in store!”

Later in the day Dye then updated her procedure with this photo:

Bianca Dye undergoing IVF. Image via Bianca Dye Facebook page.

She captioned the image with, "Update: All 6 eggs we got were "mature" meaning all will (hopefully?!) survive freezing so off they go into the freezer to make up 13 now frozen..!? #?ivf? ps yes im 42 & have a unicorn teddy bear PSS not puttin any embryos back in yet."

Dye spoke about her desire to have a family when she left the Illawarra radio station earlier in the year. She told The Daily Telegraph“I could still work and have a baby but this is to give myself the best chance...I’m a pretty highly strung person, so for the benefit of IVF, it will take some ­pressure off.”

Bianca Dye. Image via @biancadye Instagram.

She made the announcement to her fans on her radio show, and many were shocked.

“My clock is ticking so ­loudly, it’s an alarm that’s ­literally sitting on my face at the moment,” she told Confidential.

Dye's fans have been extremely supportive throughout her IVF journey.

We wish her the best of luck.

Have you struggled to get pregnant? Or know someone who has? Tell us about it in the comments.

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