'A celeb getting their gear off is nothing new, but we need MORE -- a lot more.'

Hell.. its Amy Schumer — she can steal my boyfriend, my PayPal password and the last glass of chardy from my fridge. I LOVE HER!

In case you hadn’t noticed the internet broke again from another celeb getting their gear off, but THIS time it’s a ‘celeb’ we adore — it’s a “celeb” us “real ” chicks can finally resonate with…

Sure it’s nothing new… a celeb getting their gear off to show what real women look like, but people, we need MORE of this — A LOT MORE.

Nothing is off limits for Amy Schumer:

Video via NBC

If all these fake plastic humans on Instagram are anything to go by, we need to plaster this on the cover of all Year 12 girls’ English folders and on the back of toilet doors in all men’s rooms, so people can see that having a few rolls is AWESOME!

In fact it is normal. Why are spending our entire lives and wages trying to look so perfect? Can’t we be “perfect in our imperfections”.


(Thank you Brene Brown. You are my hero — after Amy.)

I did a similar shoot — (no Annie Lebowitz Pirelli calendar no — never mind — maybe next life) but it was for the fabulous Madison magazine a few years back and it was featuring women in the public eye with all different shapes and size of bodies. The mag article focused on why these women had these “bodies” — and what journey led them to that particular “body shape”. For me this was intensely personal to talk about publicly as I had just stopped taking anti-depressants and my flabbyness was due to me putting on weight from the SSRI’s I had been taking for my anxiety disorder.

Amy schumer pirelli calendar
Image: Bianca Dye

It was deeply personal for me to come out and show myself not airbrushed, but I felt compelled to do it. I felt it was my duty to show that behind all the TV glitz and glam and photoshoots and red carpet rubbish lies a scarred broken flabby woman who just wants to be loved and accepted like everyone else.

Was it brave? Um. Nope. Is Amy brave… nup.

It is not “brave” for women like Amy and I to take our gears off — we are both loud-mouthed cheeky OTT Jewish gals that enjoy being on stage and saying things that shock people and doing things to get a laugh. I was the class clown who was always flashing brown eyes (classy I know), so taking our gears off for the camera ain’t brave. “Brave” is having to face your three kids after the doctor tells you that your breast cancer has come back and then having to get on with life by putting out the washing… because life has to go on — THAT’S BRAVE.

But what is positive about this is the more people in the public eye are showing us that you can be FUNNY and smart and SEXY and successful and awesome without looking how we are all thinking we are supposed to look (thanks to ridiculous highly edited false images smashed into our faces via social media everyday?!), the BETTER!

High pantz & saggy boobz ???? instagram is far too glam!! #realinsta ???????????? #nonairbrushedme #celebratemysize #curvygirls #nofilter

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We owe this to our daughters, to our nieces, to our mums, to our granddaughters for goodness sake — and to our MEN who wonder why we don’t look like an active wear model (#activewearactivewear).

The feedback Amy is getting from this picture is not unlike the feedback I received — it’s like a collective sigh of relief from women everywhere saying “THANK THE LORD” because by doing this you give us ALL permission to be OK with what we look like right now… rolls and all. Whatever your body looks like is “OK” — toned — muscly — flabby — stretch marks — who cares anymore!?


It’s kinda gross that in 2016 we are still even having this debate. It’s insanity. I reckon for every two pics we put up where we look all glam and filtered and fabulous, there should be a rule that we have to put up ONE shot where we look like CRAP! Like I did yesterday and today. I put up a pic of me looking all glam at a PR photoshoot I had to do for work and then felt compelled to pop up a pic of myself in PJ’s with my harry high pants and my saggy boobs with no filter and shit hair and zits — because that’s ME!

It is false to lay claim that I’m anything else and I will keep waving this flag till I die.

And isn’t this why we love Amy! She is real, she admits to having one night stands, to not getting along with her family all the time, to having her heart broken and feeling fat and wearing spanx and NOT HAVING HER LIFE TOGETHER. We can all relate to that on some level. And what I love the most? She refuses to apologise to anyone. And nor should any of us. Let’s all just be us!

I am putting out a challenge to anyone who wants to accept — take a nudey pic (no nips etc or Instagram won’t show it) on a stool and use the hashtag #letsallkeepitreal and I will put up a few on my Instagram @biancadye.

And if Instagram gives you anxiety, check out my mental health awareness homepage @anxietyfree and join the revolution to just be YOU — warts and saggy boobies and all :) xxx

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