Beyonce regrets losing baby weight so quickly, poses in a bikini.

1.Beyonce regrets losing baby weight so fast, poses in a bikini

Beyonce has confessed she lost the baby weight too quickly, yet details exactly how she did it in the latest issue of Shape magazine.

The 31-year-old revealed she gained 57lbs (about 26 kilos) while carrying her daughter Blue Ivy and put too much pressure on herself to ‘get back in shape’ quickly.

“I didn’t have a lot of time to lose the weight because I scheduled a show three months after I gave birth, which I would never do again,”‘ she tells Shape magazine.

Beyonce credits 80 percent of her post-baby weight loss to cutting back on food, primarily her favourite, pasta.

“I ate a very low-calorie diet. I stayed away from red meat and ate a lot of fish, replaced pasta and rice with quinoa.

“I always have breakfast, say, scrambled egg whites, a vegetable smoothie, or whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk. For lunch and dinner, I eat a lot of fish and vegetables. And throughout the day, I try to stay hydrated,” Beyonce said.

Before you stock up on quinoa – she insists women should embrace their differences and focus on health rather than the scales.

A sentiment the editor-in-chief of the magazine perhaps doesn’t agree with, “Talking about weight can be a very touchy subject for women, but Beyonce was willing to do it because she wanted to make every woman out there feel like she too could achieve what she did,” says Shape editor-in-chief Tara Kraft.

Wait a minute, weren’t we supposed to be feeling good about ourselves?

Meanwhile Beyonce has released a single, Bow Down, that has critics divided over lyrics such as “I’m so crowned, bow, bow down b*tches,” and “I’m bigger than life, my name in the lights,” and “I’m the number one chick, ain’t need no hype.” Listen here:


2. After showing up 48 minutes later to court and being showered with glitter as she entered the courtroom, Lindsay Lohan has agreed to spend 90 days in lockdown rehab. Watch her unintentionally hilarious court appearance here.


3. Sports most eligible bachelor (ahem) finds love again

Professional golfer, 14-time major tournament winner and gazillion-time* marital cheater, Tiger Woods is dating again.

The 37-year-old golfer and 28-year-old Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn both announced their relationship via similar Facebook and Twitter updates which included a series of posed photographs of themselves.

“I guess it wasn’t a well-kept secret but yes, I am dating Tiger Woods,” Vonn tweeted.

And this from her Facebook post: “Our relationship evolved from a friendship into something more over these past few months and it has made me very happy. I don’t plan on addressing this further as I would like to keep that part of my life between us, my family and close friends. Thank you for understanding and your continued support! xo LV”


From Tiger Woods’ facebook page: “Something nice that’s happened off the course was meeting Lindsey Vonn. Lindsey and I have been friends for some time, but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating.”

Did you get the memo yet? They’re really happy together so let’s not mention the war.

*may or may not be an accurate number.

4. Miley Cyrus has revealed the reason she’s not wearing her engagement ring. Do you believe it?


5. International stars continue to dominate in reality tv’s musical chairs

British comedian Dawn French is the latest international celebrity to join the new judge to sit alongside fellow Brit Mel B on Channel Nine’s Australia’s Got Talent show.

French is locally known for her spot on the Coles commercials as face of their dollar FlyBuys campaign.

Channel Nine acquired Australia’s Got Talent from the Seven Network and plans to revamp the show’s format to include four judges, the two remaining spots on the show are yet to be announced.

Nine’s director of television Michael Healy said French’s contribution would “deliver on our promise for a bigger and better series”.

Presumably the dollar price for French’s spot wasn’t “down, down”.


6. The Kardashians have stooped to their lowest of lows yet. You won’t believe what they’ve done this time – it’s a competition to see who has the sweetest smelling …

7. MKR episode recap

Last nights episode of MKR had it all; Aussie celebrities at the Melbourne Cup (in various states of inebriation) stuffing nosh in their faces, contestants losing their shit at delivering food to said celebrities, gold-leafed fruit, and the show’s biggest (Twitter) fan announcing his resignation to watch The Block.

Grant Alexander of the @MKR_AU twitter handle told his 17,000 strong fan base he is not happy with the staged direction of the show.

“Not interested in the show any more,” Alexander said. “As a fan I am not happy with the direction the show has gone this year. I’ve started watching #TheBlock”

Another fan who quit last night was divisive gatecrasher MKR team member, Sophia. She told Mischa Barton (who one of the celebrity’s attending the Melbourne Cup function) how much she loved her in The O.C. Barton looked genuinely scared and darted away from the MKR contestant with her security in tow.

“I was her only fan left, and now she has no one,” Sophia later said of Barton.

In the end the gatecrasher’s dumplings were the winner of the day, with Queensland team Jake and Elle heading for elimination on Wednesday night.

What are you watching at the moment? MKR? The Block?