Is this the most glamorous home video ever?

When the world says you’re getting a divorce and you’re not, what is there to do but show everyone you’re a rock-solid couple with a long history?

Nothing. That’s what.

Beyonce and Jay Z were once such a private couple that they wouldn’t even confirm their 2008 wedding.

Now, they tour together, record together and selectively release images of their private lives whenever it suits them.

Like now.

Today Bey released a video that gives a little glance into her life at home with Jay. And if it’s anything to go by, the couple are actually blissfully happy with where their relationship is at right now.

The video is a promo for the couple’s upcoming HBO documentary, and shows moments from the couple’s real lives that they’re sharing with their audiences on their joint tour,

We see a still from their wedding day, and a full-length shot of Beyonce’s beautiful wedding dress for the first time:

There’s also a moment with a very pregnant, and naked Bey. That should finally silence the rumours Beyonce and Jay Z used a surrogate to carry their daughter.

Take a look at the home-footage below. And watch until the end so you can see Jay teaching Blue Ivy to walk, and Beyonce looking at her engagement ring for the first time. Sigh.