Beyoncé has Photoshopped her thighs again.







Beyoncé is in big trouble.

The superstar is being criticised by fans around the globe for YET ANOTHER Photoshopped photo on her Instagram account.


Beyoncé, 33, put up photos of her and husband Jay-Z on a delightful rich-person yacht cruise to celebrate her birthday earlier this month.

But at least one photo has been called in to question by pissed-off fans, claiming that she edited the photo to make her legs look thinner.

The photo shows Beyoncé walking down a staircase with a conspicuous thigh gap. However, the stair between her legs is obviously askew, indicating that the image has been edited.

Beyonce in her photoshopped Instagram image.


Beyoncé, we are ready for your jelly. Stop feeling the need to hide it.

By the way, if you are wondering why Beyoncé is covered in stickers, click here.  

In April, Beyoncé committed Photoshop Fail #1. She put a few images of herself on Instagram learning to play golf in her bikinis – and one of them had fans accusing her of altering the shape of her thigh.


Last month, Beyoncé was accused of photoshopping a photo of herself sitting on a couch. On the table in front of her thigh is an iPhone and a wineglass, and fans noticed they looked a little wonky – Photoshop Fail #2.

And today, she gave us Photoshop Fail #3 on the stairs of her yacht. She’s not the only celeb to dabble in a bit of the ol’ Photoshop though. Kim Kardashian had this photo on her Instagram, until a fan noticed the curved door frame behind her.


Quit with the airbrushing, ladies. We think you’re beautiful. Bootyful and beautiful.


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Beyonce on stage live. THIS is why she doesn’t need photoshop.