Fluff: You need to watch Beyonce's very NSFW video right now. Find a way.

Beyonce’s just melted the internet with the release of her new film clip for sex anthem “Partition”.

It’s so sexy you might stop breathing for just a second.

It’s so smokin’ hot you might hurt yourself watching it.

It’s so Not Safe For Work you might get fired for playing it at your desk.

But the song is about Beyonce asking her chauffeur to roll the partition up so she can go down on her husband Jay-Z in the back of a limo with a bit of privacy… So what did you expect?

Better watch it so you can give an informed/aroused opinion on it when you’re inevitably asked “Have you seen Beyonce’s new video?

Here it is.

There’s so much to talk about: the costumes, the writhing, the butt shots, the sexy dark alley strip routine, the weird gangster hat, whether the back of that man’s head was really Jay-Z or a stand-in husband double…

And of course, whether Bey‘s latest raunchy video supports or betrays feminism.

What do you think about Bey’s sexy video clip? Has she gone too far proving she’s the sexiest woman in the world? Is it sweet how often she sings about her husband? 

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