Fluff: This former 90210 star has become a stripper.

Ian Ziering. Not Luke Perry, but still.

1. A star from one of the biggest shows of the 90’s has decided to give stripping a go.

But it’s probably the last cast member you would think. Ian Ziering, one of the lead males from the 90’s version of 90210 (yeah – there’s a new version, but the original will always be the best), has apparently agreed to a stint with the famous Las Vegas Chippendales.

Ziering, who is 49 and married with his second child on the way, will no doubt bring in a gaggle of his once-teenage fans, looking to make their Steve Sanders dreams come true. Here’s hoping Luke Perry is next.

2. You know you’re getting older when the children of celebrities start dating one another. This time it’s Will Smith’s son Jaden and… Well, you’ll just have to click to find out, won’t you?




3. Which celebrity has knocked back a SEVEN-figure book deal?

Not exactly small change. But it turns out, unlike others celebs who feel the need to churn out their life story the second their first photo appears in a magazine (*cough* Snooki and *cough* Drew Barrymore at um, 14), Adele has decided that at 24, she hasn’t lived enough life yet to put it all down on paper. Her Oscar, Emmy and million Grammys may suggest otherwise, but it’s definitle refreshing in the self-obsessed land of celebs.

4. Christina Applegate says returning to work after becoming a mother was “bittersweet”. Click here to read her comments. 



5. Time has released its 2013 list of ‘The 100 most influential people in the world’

And apparently, Beyonce really does rule the roost, together of course, with hubby Jay-Z, who also made the list. A nice touch is having other notable figures write a short piece about each person on the list. This year had Justin Timberlake writing about Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Clinton writing about 15-year-old Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai and Claire Danes writing about Lena Dunham. Check out our gallery for people from the list:

6. The battle over Mel B continues. Read the details here.




7. Um, Beyonce dresses like a vase.

Or maybe vases are just made to look like Beyonce. Either way, Buzzfeed has cottoned on to a hilarious Beyonce fashion conspiracy. Here’s one:


Here’s another:


Definitely feels like something fishy is going on. Check out the rest of the hilarious pics at Buzzfeed here.

8. Aussie TV personality Erin McNaught has revealed the designer of her wedding dress via Twitter. Click here to find out.