FLUFF: Did Beyonce Photoshop this Instagram picture?


Take a look at this picture from Queen Bey’s Instagram account and tell us if you see anything that’s a little off:

Nope? Just a picture of an obscenely rich celebrity enjoying a few summer glasses of wine in the sun?

Okay, now look again, focusing on Mrs Carter‘s iPhone on the table:

Yep. That straight-edged personal telecommunications device isn’t looking so straight-edged, is it?

The warp in Bey’s iPhone has led some to suggest that the image has been Photoshopped.

It’s not the first time Beyonce has been accused of digitally manipulating her Instagram pictures. Similar allegations were made when this picture of Beyonce playing golf was published to the account in April.

It was alleged that the shape of her thighs had been digitally altered to produce a ‘thigh gap‘.

While it has been suggested that the warp could be due to the particular camera lens, or removing something from the table that Beyonce’s team didn’t want on her account, the funny shape does suggest that perhaps Beyonce isn’t being as ‘real’ with us as she makes out.

Do you think Beyonce’s Instagram is Photoshopped?