Bumper Fluff: Beyonce cuts her hair. The world loses it.


1. Beyonce: the most dramatic haircut of the decade.

Beyonce has traded in her flowing locks for a very different ‘do:

Whoa. Beyonce has a new ‘do. 

The 31-year-old uploaded pics of her new dramatic blonde pixie crop on Instagram.

The change comes two days after she finished the summer leg of her Mrs. Carter Tour.

What do you think of her new look?


 2. Robert Downey Jr can sing – and we’re gobsmacked that this awesome fact passed us by. Click here to watch him performing at Sting’s 60th birthday.


3. Jay Z and Jemima fooled us all. 

On Thursday, Mamamia ran an item in Fluff about Jemima Kirke (Jessa from Girls) getting booted from a 7-hour-long ‘performance art’ show with Jay Z because she jumped on his back and wouldn’t let go. Here’s a snippet:

Apparently, we have an apology to make. People much, much cooler than us have insisted that security did NOT kick Jemima out for climbing on Jay Z and refusing to come down. It was just SO HIP that we didn’t understand it. Like performance art. Or tannins in wine.

The bear-hug was all part of the show you guys. The director tweeted:










We are so, so sorry for not understanding your bear-hug/security removal art. Sincerest apologies. We didn’t get it. Because ART.


4. This video of Hugh Laurie reading out a list of naughty words permitted on cable TV gave us a good chuckle. Watch his dry delivery of words like “balls” by clicking here. 



5. Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis are cranky-pants at each other.

VERY cranky-pants. There’s even bitchy tweets involved.

Stallone and Willis have both starred in The Expendables film series – basically where things blow up and ageing action stars run away from them. But yesterday, Stallone tweeted this:

And this:

Ouch. Bitchy much? What did poor Brucey do to deserve being called “greedy and lazy”?

Apparently, he was greedy and lazy. Details have emerged today that Willis only wanted to work 4 days on the new Expendables movie, and he was demanding ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY.

Yeah… Kind of siding with Sylvester on this one.


 6. Oprah has sported an incredible 1.5 kilogram wig on the latest cover of her magazine. Click here to witness the impressive feat of hairpiece architecture.




7. . The Winnie Mandela trailer is here. And it is INCREDIBLE.

Jennifer Hudson plays Nelson Mandela’s wife Winnie in the new biopic, and the Oscar buzz already surrounding her performance is totally justified. Just… Just watch:


 8. Some very diligent Harry Potter fans have sifted through author JK Rowling’s interviews over the years and revealed the future of the characters in the series. Click here to find out what became of Harry, Hermione and co. 


9. Rihanna parties at a carnival in Barbados with a hip flask and rhinestones, shines bright like a diamond.

Presented without comment (and we are talking Rihanna here so be warned that some of these images are NSFW).

Hey, when in Barbados…


 10. As if Rebel Wilson wasn’t lovable enough, she’s now told Cosmo about the time she embarrassed herself meeting Jason Segel. Click here to read what went down…


11. Melissa Doyle officially steps down as co-host of Sunrise.

Messages of congrats and farewell were flitting around Twitter this morning as Melissa Doyle hosted Sunrise for the last time. Mel was farewelled with a special ‘This is your Sunrise life’ segment and her family joined her on air.

Samantha Armytage officially takes over as Kochie’s co-host on Monday morning.

Doyle will now host the afternoon news on 7, which means no more 3:15am wake-up calls.

Here’s a gallery celebrating Mel’s last day: