FLUFF: Beyonce and Jay-Z have made their next move.

So, how does a power couple like Bey & Jay respond to the biggest elevator-related scandal... well, ever?

By releasing their own mini-movie about a violent heist. Obviously.

Isn’t that what you’d do, if footage of your sister beating your husband in a lift was released to the world? Jump in a wedding gown, hop on the back of your husband’s motorbike and stage an elaborate bank robbery with all your famous buddies?

Here’s Bey and Jay-Z in their “Run” video. It’s a fake movie trailer to promote their On The Run world tour that kicks off next month. Because couples who dress up like gangsters and pretend to rob a bank… Stay together?

In four minutes, Bey and Jay got as many famous faces as they possibly could in their fake heist flick. Check it:

We’ve heard this trailer has been released four weeks earlier than originally planned – possibly to detract attention from the whole “Solange Knowles beat Jay-Z up in a lift after a party” thing. Never mind that there’s a moment Jay-Z and Beyonce emerge from a lift and remind us all what happened last time they did that…

Apart from riding in lifts wearing balaclavas, Bey and Jay made a Bonnie and Clyde-like getaway in a convertible…

They cuddled in the desert and shot bullets into the air for funsies…

Oh yeah, and Bey went for a quick dip in a pool full of money…

Meanwhile, in other Knowles-related news, Beyonce and Solange made a very public show of being loving and sisterly, posting this pic on Instagram to tell the world, “We’re OK.”

Bey posted this to her 12 million followers, taken in New Orleans over the weekend.

Subtext? HARMONY.

Look, we don’t really know what’s going down with the Knowles-Carter fam. We can hardly keep up: one minute, they’re having fisticuffs in an elevator, the next they’re playing happy families on social media and releasing sexy, violent fake trailers for movies that don’t exist.

Maybe this is what happens when you become too famous to function?

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